Here are a few things that you should consider to support your decision, as your enterprise’s reputation for quality is at stake:

  • Does the company have experience in enterprise focused mobile apps?
  • Can the company conceptualize and develop an app with great user experience?
  • Is the development team certified?
  • Does the company have significant experience in Enterprise Applications as well?
  • Do they have skilled team of mobile app developers to understand your business, identifying your vision and issues, analyzing your challenges, and building, together with you, high performance solutions

We have been providing businesses with:

  • Optimal mobile solution with the new requirements at technological level
  • Value-added service platforms, well-blended with better performance and various capabilities according to your business line.
High Tracking-Record

Strong track record in delivering apps across different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows

Large spectrum of Technology Consulting & product engineering :

We have mastery in quality procedure and Framework as recommended by standards

Technological know-how and project management :

Souplesse et la Robustesse des processus métier pour une livraison optimale de vos projets

Development certified and award winning team :

Highly skilled developers, experienced creative UI/UX designers, and efficient quality testers to make you stands out from the competition

Major project experience and an in depth knowledge of the latest technologies:

We work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 organizations, marketing premium brands to entrepreneurs with the next big concept. We can help you convert your business needs into profitable opportunities by developing and implementing feature rich mobile apps.




Our role is very simple: Help you develop powerful apps using the best practices of iOS app development, our in-depth knowledge of the platform and latest frameworks, to offer new application category, multiple functionalities of search, total and real immersion enabled.


Our portfolio includes iPhone SDK, Swift with Cocoa, Objective C, OpenGL ES, mBaas, iAd, Interface Builder, Open AL, In-App Purchase, WebKit Programming, Event Kit, HealthKit, Apple Pay, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Audio, Accelerometer, GPS and Core Location Framework.


Below is the partial list of recent iOS applications developed for our customers:

  • iPhone Application for Insurance Claim Processing
  • Business App for Banking & Financial Domain
  • Location Based Content Sharing App



Android platform is the most widely used platform for smartphones today and are known to offer several useful benefits for any project:

  • Devices popularity and low entry barriers
  • Flexibility and rich library
  • Flexible project cost
  • Interoperability benefits

Over the past five years, HADWIGER has built up a strong, dedicated Android application development team. We have been executing Android applications ranging from small utility app to enterprise-grade Android solutions.


We cover Java platform and strong experience in leveraging the Android Software Development Kit (ASDK) APIs, Android Native Development Kit (ANDK), emulator and debugging resources to develop interactive & robust apps that support multiple devices.


You want to get the most of WINDOWS MOBILE robustness and universality?

You need help in designing an application which distinctively differentiate from the competition?

Explore our skills, request a consultation and benefit from a best suited custom Windows mobile solution for your organization.

Windows 10 is an upward trend, and many companies are working to get returned to Windows applications.

The best we have now Windows portability: Run iOS or Android application on Windows 10 as well on mobile device as PC with Universal Windows Platform Bridges.


Multi-platform mobile application development provides the user experience and functionality of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps: Develop a single application to be run on iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry platform.

This approach provides the best of both worlds and has been gaining a lot of acceptance due to the trade-offs with native development and mobile web approaches.

In today’s dynamic marketplace where the future is unclear, cross-platform apps provide a middle ground to achieve success for your mobile strategy.

There are numerous tools and frameworks we cover today: Xamarin, PhoneGap / Apache Cordova, Appcelerator’s Titanium



Mobile software platforms that promote the growth of many of our customers every day in various areas: Marketing, engineering, e-commerce, transport and logistics. We can calmly incorporate all features that will address your concerns