IOT & Smart Data

Embedding IoT component to help solving major challenges

In various industries: agriculture, energy, Telecom, Health, Logistics and Transport.

There is a massive growth in the adoption rates of mobile technologies such as stand-alone devices (smartphone, cars, etc.), connected, smart things and machine-to-machine, on the basis of their ability to improve living conditions, ensure returns and clearly boost the way we operate our business, dealing with our customers or our supplier.


It means mobile technologies are providing significant and positive impact on every industry:  Increase productivity and profitability, enable new approach to businesses strategies and processes, and improve service value.


With the most appropriate IoT module, we help building customized solutions necessary for a successful market to develop at large, and au global empowered to guarantee product quality, enhance business processes, reduce costs and give greater visibility to the most remote areas.



You are experiencing operational problems, processes automation challenge, control problematics, critical applications…

You’re hiring a remote control, monitoring and maintenance solution between different operational sites.

You can rely on HADWIGER team to create you compound applications for your industry!

Building you personalized intelligent tool that onboards fundamental building blocks (electronics, software, hardware) to reduce your cost from 10% at least and ensure you a more than 15% higher revenue.


We use industry-leading components with years of customization (IoT module, connectivity and platform) to provide the most accurate solution totally thought and designed to exceed your business or enterprise requirements.

Our MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) R&D teams will seamlessly customize, provision and get you into every step of IoT value chain: from microcontrollers programming, smart component customization, connectivity deployment to software embedding and data analytics for enriched applications.

We will organize, maintain, and manage all third party resources and relationships with your other technology vendors.


Customize IoT Component

Adaptation and Integration of automated objects with long-life battery, affordable and embedded connectivity layer and targeted intelligent functions designed to automate industry operations:

Energy, Health, Agronomy, Transport, Logistics, Supply chain, etc.

Connect your Thingfrastructure

Help integrating your connected objects into mobile operator networks, collect and view your data anywhere and anytime, achieve operational requirements of your business.

Build your Smart Data

Empowering you to build new data-driven business processes, applications and services that eliminates operational waste and defects, meet your unique market needs and delivering you the right automated business intelligence.

IOT & smartData