e-commerce, explosion in the needs for « fast » consumption and the commercial dimension of the Internet have been drastically revolutionnalizing material flow management, flow of goods management and organizational models on a large scale.


Whether through assets securing, goods and people protection or the improvement of IT resources and logistics system, mobile technologies are greatly increasing efficiency in the operational process management to meet new requirements of merchants and customers.


Well embedded into SMART TRANSACTION, RFID or NFC tags combined to IoT capabilties you can benefit from real-time management all along your production and sale process, a genuine decision-support tools that provide you a better understanding and visibility for a reliable supply chain: cargo management, material processing, packages tracking, inventory, fleet management, etc.



  • Multi-application smartcard, Contact ISO14443, Contactless ISO15693, or PKI hybrids
  • CC EAL5+ Secured chips to drive a broad range of applications with smart labels
  • RFID and NFC Tags for data collections, fast and secure transactions
  • Innovative and reliable RF-enabled theft detection
  • Anti-collision, high sensitivity, long-distance data transmission multi-frequency deployment
  • Smart electronic ticketing system


Today’s businesses need to simplify complex business environment and follow strong practices in order to easily interact with various business applications, thus leading to a long-term solution that is scalable, maintainable and robust.


Integrate our SMART TRANSACTION technology into your logistics system and your package transportation will help your enterprise attain better and more efficiency.

Automated yard and asset management
  • Automate workflow, get full visibility to tracked assets and services, and handle commercial flow, information flow and business at multiple sites
  • Identify shipping bottlenecks and quickly adjust scheduling within your supply chain
  • increase visibility into your supply chain and access historical data on the location, status of assets, good conditions, and help meet service level engagement
Warehouse and container stowage management
  • Maximize asset utilization and ensure business flow efficiency
  • Reducing operating costs and develop new customer care centric processes
  • Increase efficiency in the production process management, material flow management without additional human resources
Vehicle and assets tracking
  • RFID monitoring for transportation and supply chain application processes
  • Reduce undue cost for asset transportation processing
  • Reduce downtime, avoid double counting and omissions, and eliminate human error
  • Packages tracking throughout service supply life-cycle with real-time 100% control